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Bayside buyer's advocate

Bayside buyer's advocate

You may know her as “Nicole from The Block” but there’s a lot more to buyers agent Nicole Jacobs than you see on the TV.

The Hampton resident began her career in real estate in 2000, having previously studied to be a teacher. She completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and an Interior Decorating course before attaining her REIV Agent’s Licence allowing her to open her own real estate business – Nicole Jacobs Property.

The mother-of-three made the transition from selling agent to buyer’s agent after director and mentor, Marcus Peters who she was working for at the time, asked if she could look after the buyers coming through the door.

“I jumped at the opportunity and didn’t look back,” she said.

“I loved the whole process and was so excited that I could deliver what I always have at the core of my business - and that is customer service.”

Nicole loves working in real estate as it allows her to combine her passion for people and property every day.

“We have the opportunity to positively impact our clients’ lives,” she explained.

“Additionally, the ability to show by example that not all estate agents are the same and that the vast majority are true professionals. My aim is to move real estate into a profession and not an industry.”

Nicole’s business offers a range of services for clients, starting by offering a bid-only service at auctions for clients who are not experienced or unable to attend. However, the majority of her work is providing a full service, where they work hard to understand the lifestyle and needs of the client, before focusing on the preferred locations and finally the right properties.

“We tend to have access to off-market opportunities and a high percentage of our client successes are negotiated prior to auction, once we establish an agreed value based on our research data,” she said.

“Our commitment to service never stops at the sale though and we sometimes go further by placing children in schools, furnishing homes and project managing renovations.”

On the Sky High series of The Block (2013) Nicole represented buyers interested in buying an apartment at auction. She returned the following year for the auctions at Dux House (The Block, 2014) and won the attention of producers for her knowledge of the market and understanding of buyers’ wants and needs.

“Before South Yarra’s Triple Threat season, I received a call from Executive Producer Julian Cress asking if I would come on the show to share my thoughts as a professional in the industry giving advice on how the contestants were meeting the market for buyers,” she said.

“I took about a second to respond and of course jumped at the idea. I already loved the show and was of course thrilled to be able to share my knowledge in a professional capacity.”

The opportunity has helped build Nicole’s profile to a larger audience and she is often recognised as ‘Nicole from The Block’ at open house or auctions.

“Funnily enough, in the market we buy in - prestige family homes, my clients often do not watch reality TV and it is their children that know I am from The Block,” she added.

 Nicole Jacobs on  The Block .

Nicole Jacobs on The Block.

When she’s not at work, Nicole and her family enjoy local parks and the beach.

“We’re complete Baysiders - we’ve lived in Elwood, Sandringham, Brighton and now in Hampton where our kids love the park at the end of the street and walking or riding to school with their friends,” she said.

“My husband and I love the beach and proximity to cafes and restaurants on date nights!”

Nicole said a big benefit of running her own business is that it allows her to be surrounded by great people, create a culture of integrity and service and importantly, work around her young family.

The Nicole Jacobs Property team recently moved their office into the “heart of real estate land” on Bay Street, providing opportunities for business and relationship building with leading agents.

“We have received so much positive feedback on our office and have been welcomed by all of the local estate agents,” she said.

“It has helped build our new brand image and the working space, more like a home than an office, now truly reflects the space we want to work in.

The new office is organic and light, thanks to a little help from the best in the business.

“When designer greats like Darren Palmer help you fit the space out, local high profile landscaper, Dave Franklin contributes and the incredibly talented local artist Katie McKinnon exhibits her artwork in it, who wouldn’t be happy to come to work every day!?” she said.

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